Team Thumbs Up Birds

Kelley Wren


Growing up in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Kelley’s access to the outdoors and mountains was limitless. She started skiing at the young age of two and switched to snowboarding at the mature age of eight. She was a competitive snowboarder until she graduated college in New Hampshire and moved herself to the snowboard mecca of Breckenridge, CO. Kelley created Thumbs up Birds as an outlet for women snowboarders to meet, find inspiration and see there were a lot of other girls out there. When Kelley isn’t chasing the snow she gets her trill from mountain biking, hiking and playing her ukulele.

MacKenzie Hennessey

Photographer, Editor, Rider

A small town girl who grew up in the heart of Massachusetts with a thirst for the outdoors, MacKenzie started riding her junior year of high school and fell in love with it when she and a close group of girl friends competed on a Sofa King New England team called Rocket Powder. Lucky enough to call Mount Snow home for six seasons, and has encouraged great progression. Snowboarding has presented her with many opportunities, and has allowed her to explore another passion at the same time; photography. MacKenzie will most likely be seen with snowboard in one hand, and camera bag in the other.She’s hoping to land a few magazine spreads in the coming years!

Jamie Trayer


A 25 year old living out of Rutland, Vermont, Jamie was born in the small town of Oakville, CT. Learning to snowboard at age 14, she fell in love the second she strapped in, but didn’t fully commit until she turned 20. This cause a chain reaction of moving to the mountains and her love for the sport has grown ever since. If she’s not working you can find Jamie on hill because going to the mountains is going home – it’s freedom, it’s her passion, it’s her life. Outside of snowboarding, Jamie spends time standing on her head and finding her zen in other yoga positions.

Cat Nicol

Contributor, Rider

Cat is a 26 year old, Scottish rider from Aberdeenshire and has been riding since she was eleven. The first stages of her learning to snowboard were on dry ski slopes in Scotland. She managed to progress it to more local Scottish resorts after that. Also, having a Swiss family connection she was fortunate to travel and explore the Swiss Alps at such a young age that made Cat see another positive light of learning to snowboard. She became hooked ever since and turned this hobby into a lifestyle and career venture. She is currently based out of Austria in Tirol working in Freestyle Snow parks as a Park Designer. You can also find Cat in the summer time skating away the weeks until winter returns.

Ashley Giangregorio


Originally from Holbrook, MA; Ashley now lives in Lincoln, NH and claims Loon as her home mountain. She’s a park rider slowly transitioning into the ice coast backcountry. She recently completed her Avy 1 course and would like to continue her education with AIARE throughout the next seasons. Her sponsors are Thumbs up Birds, Never Summer, Technine, and Lahout’s. Outside of snowboarding, you won’t see Ashley doing yoga, but you will see her at the gym. She’s always looking for the next challenge in life and may suffer from a slight Napoleon Complex. You may also see Ashley hiking, trail running and daydreaming about snowboarding during the summer months.